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Commatters Speech Therapy is able to support people of all ages with their communication and mealtime challenges. We are committed to evidence based, holistic, client-centered assessment and intervention. 

We provide clinic based services in Yarrawonga and Wanguri as well as offer home, day care and school visits. We recognise that sometimes people are more comfortable in familiar environments. This also provides the clinician with the opportunity to offer strategies/suggestions based on the environment and the toys or items available. 

Commatters offers consultancy and training services to schools, day care settings, aged care facilities and other services. This service can be used in a number of ways:
- Direct observation in the setting and feedback/strategies offered to support those with communication difficulties
- Explicit training of staff
- Provide modelling of effective communication strategies or use of AAC and develop techniques to enhance communication or safe eating
- Assist with program modification
- Develop and provide resources
- Support given to promote a communication friendly environment for all

Who we work with

Commatters can support people experiencing a range of communication and mealtime challenges, these include difficulties with:
- Speech sounds
- Expressive language; this can include reduced vocabulary, trouble using grammar or forming sentences
- Receptive language; this can include trouble following instructions, understanding different concepts
- Reading, writing and spelling such as dyslexia
- Social communication; this can include turn taking, engaging in conversation, understanding people's emotions
- Play skills
- Stuttering
- Complex communication needs such as Autism, Down Syndrome
- Dysphagia (swallowing difficulties) and paediatric feeding

Commatters Speech Therapy  0434 210 720

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